Hi, I am Michelle Steinhardt.

I am a photographer from Boyne Island Queensland. I am a mother of two beautiful girls, a wife and a Dental Technician.

My love for Photography came from huge personal loss. When I look back on the life, of my father and sister, and all the photos I thought I had. There was never enough. I have so many beautiful memories but I wanted pictures to hold, look at, surround myself with, when I'm missing them. My children will never get to feel their arms around them, but they can see their Aunts beautiful eyes and Grandfathers cheeky grin, in photographs.

I want everyone to have memories to hold and admire. Time goes so fast, children grow and things change. I want everyone to have a photograph of themselves that they love. That their children and generations can look back on and go WOW. No one Forgotten.

Put your trust in me to capture some Memories for you and your loved ones to cherish.

Michelle xoxxo